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David was excellent! We really appreciated the care he took of our family and our home. He was thorough in... read more

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Renee Gillespie

I can't speak highly enough about my experiences with Executive Restoration! David has been unbelievably kind, communicative and helpful throughout... read more

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Abiola Ibrahim

Forget about the negative reviews you see, there are still some legit managers. I have tried so many managers and... read more

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Molly Heffler

Dave was amazing. He quickly tested my home for mold and his service was exemplary. I can’t recommend him... read more

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Melissa Rhyne

Such a great experience! Dave came out on Memorial Day with short notice to assess water damage and test... read more

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Patrick Rhyne

Dave came out to help us with a mold issue on Memorial Day. He could have been with family and... read more

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Peter L.
5 star rating

Dave is a knowledgeable and upstanding guy! He's forthright and honest, will tell you exactly what he is doing at... read more

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I spoke to Dave over the phone about a mold concern in my bathroom which was next to my infant... read more

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Jan Atherton

David and his team were professional and on time, reliable and did a great job of treating my crawlspace for... read more

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Demonde dj

Dave is AWESOME!! I really enjoyed working with him. He was very professional prompt reliable and knowledgeable. Dave was definitely... read more

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Chantae Phillips

Dave is very knowledgeable and professional, the best to work with! He can be trusted with the most complex mold... read more

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Angie's List User

We could not have been happier with David's work. He was personable, extremely detail oriented and very knowledgeable. We felt... read more

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Linda Peterson

David Snell is prompt, knowledgeable, professional, personable and affordable He readily shared information and his explanations were clear and... read more

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Jaquay Williams

Dave is very knowledgeable, professional, thorough and honest. We were looking for someone who could take care of the situation... read more

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Becky Hendrix

What I appreciate about Dave: He’s responsive. He’s positive. He knows his business. He’s very, very thorough. I’m thankful I... read more

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Meredith Neely

Dave was very helpful and informative. Also saved us some money in the process. Would definitely recommend him.

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Lakima Spencer

Very helpful

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Tom Bye

For any type of mold you might have - the person you need to contact is David Snell of Executive... read more

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Morgan Hamer

David was an excellent professional He took mold samples at a property I'm purchasing and I got results quickly. Great... read more

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Finley Surgener

Executive restoration LLC is the best and their industry. I would highly recommend them. David as consult with my customers... read more

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Darline G

I highly recommend David S**** with Executive Restoration for all your inspections. He is very professional, friendly and honest. He... read more

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Carlos C

David S**** of Executive Restoration was phenomenal. David addressed our needs and answered all our questions in a timely and... read more

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Joe Moberly

Dave Snell is dedicated to educating, networking and building the restoration industry. I've known him for over 7 years! Highly recommended.

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Joy W

Dave from Executive Restoration was easy to reach, quick to schedule, easy and informative to speak with, and the results... read more

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Dustin English

Dave is the best!! Dealing with issues in an apartment and he helped every step of the way. From sending... read more

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Five Star Lawn Care

After speaking with the owner, Mr. Dave Snell over the phone, my search for a company and team I could... read more

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DI Real Estate & Staging

I give Dave 2 thumbs up in addition to these 5 STARS! He assisted my client with a mold... read more

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Angie's List User

Very well. He explained why there might be mold in my crawlspace. The testing was quick. He offered me several... read more

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Angie's List User

The process was quick informative owner David Snell is very knowledgeable on topic.

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Angie's List User

Quick and easy to read report and recommendations. The price was very reasonable and I had my results within 24... read more

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Angie's List User

David Snell with Executive Restoration.com My company has been using David Snell/Executive Restoration for over 10 years for my customers... read more

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Angie's List User

David was very helpful, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. Testing was done very quickly, I couldn’t have been happier with his service.... read more

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Wayne Gadberry

Top notch service, A+ customer care, and impressive turnaround times. Just a few things that describe how Got Mold... read more

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David Snell does great work, I refer my insureds to him because he does quality work. If you want work... read more

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Ken Newbill

Very knowledgeable, fast and detailed oriented. Dave brings over 30 years of experience to the table and teaches the truth... read more

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Miranda Fitzgerald

I recently moved and had some concerns about possible mold and air quality issues. I found David's website online and... read more

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Diosa De Vida

Mold my friends is the worst. My kids are allergic. They came in and did one hell of a job.... read more

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Art Cushing

David is honest, reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. He can be trusted to find the cause and cure for... read more

Jim Packard Avatar
Jim Packard

I have known David Snell for 8 years. Being in the Indoor Air Quality business myself I am grateful to... read more

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Shauna Woods

Dave is a professional honest business man with your well being at heart. Full of knowledge, he won’t steer you wrong!!

Paul Blanchette Avatar
Paul Blanchette

Got Mold? Did a FANTASTIC job for me. David is an incredible resource and amazingly knowledgeable about mold, it's... read more

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Mavrik LLC

"Thank you David for such an awesome experience! You will never find a more honest and open business man. David... read more

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Dr. Corinne Weaver

As a doctor I see many patients have health issues due to mold exposure. It’s nice to have a company... read more

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Christopher Lachey

Excellent service and fast! He was honest about my problem and did not try to oversell me on some crazy service.

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Gary Leung

As a realtor, I advise my buyers to get mold inspections for the houses they want to buy. Molds are... read more

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Corey Northington

Dave is an amazing businessman with a heart to help people reach their best potential. His company is an extension... read more

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Joe Love

Knowledgeable, experienced and focused on the health and well being of your family and property. If you have a question,... read more

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Thomas Cermak

Very honest and knowledgeable, definately who I would recommend for any mold related issue. If your buying a house and... read more

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Cheryl Norton

David Snell is awesome in what he does Your in great hands with him when it comes to mold contact... read more

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Brigitte Giunta

Dave is awesome to work with. He really knows his stuff. Happy to recommend him to all my friends and associates

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Darline Griffin

I really appreciate a company that is honest and is more concerned about you/your health before making a sale.... read more

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Winn's Plumbing

Dave is the mold inspector you want on your team. He is professional and after taking samples can give you... read more

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Robert Stover

I want to let everyone know that Dave Snell is a consummate professional in his field! For years I have... read more

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Adam Skiscim

Dave Snell is the best in the industry. He communicates and educates every aspect of any remediation problem. If you... read more

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Mary Cornwell

Executive Restoration is very knowledgeable when it comes to indoor air quality and all things mold, how it affects your... read more

Arthur Cushing Avatar
Arthur Cushing

David is honest, knowledgeable, and reliable. I do not hesitate to refer my patients with mold allergies to him... read more

Bonnie Banks Avatar
Bonnie Banks

Honesty and integrity....All manner of building inspections too. Great to work with!

Finley Surgener Avatar
Finley Surgener

I have been doing business with David Snell for 10 years. David Snell is very professional honest and loyal... read more

Tammy Howsare Knavel Avatar
Tammy Howsare Knavel

I have known David Snell for over 5 years..He has done wonderful work with peoples in mold issues...I have heard... read more

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Ken Newbill

David is extremely experienced and knowledgeable on all things mold. He's my go to expert that I refer my clients... read more

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Edward Van Dyken

Very knowledgeable in mold inspections and remediation. This should be your first call for a mold inspection

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Cheryl Norton

he does a great job and he is very nice to talk to he will help anyway he can

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Elaine Lynn

David is a great mentor and friend. if you need help of any kind. hes the man.

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Optimum Services

The mold inspectors here train us to remove mold correctly in crawlspaces and inside properties. I am extremely grateful for... read more

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Mold Man Inspections

I work under the nationwide expert Dave Snell for all mold and building inspections both commercial and residential and it... read more

Patrick Johnson Avatar
Patrick Johnson

Executive Restoration is AMAZING. I hired them for a mold inspection after my doctors recommended it, because my lungs weren't... read more

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Devon Shubin

There is only one mold inspector you should use in North Carolina South Carolina Virginia Tennessee and Georgia. David Snell... read more

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Paul Anderson

Dave was recommended to me from my home inspector. These guys did a great job explaining the results of the... read more

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Tom Bye

Need answers to your questions and do not know who to call - I recommend David. He will answer your... read more

Jon Floyd Avatar
Jon Floyd

David Snell is the total professional. He is honest and caring and knows his business.

Patrick Johnson Avatar
Patrick Johnson

I had a mold inspection completed for a rental home by Executive Restoration, and it was such good service, I... read more

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Patrick J.
5 star rating

Without a doubt, this was the most helpful process to our curiosity, of a property we were looking to purchase.... read more

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Lizzi A.
5 star rating

Never have a met an owner of a company who is so honest and dependable. When I thought that I... read more

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B L.
5 star rating

I am so impressed with this company and especially the owner, David Snell. From the time I hired them for... read more

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Sherry B.
5 star rating

Here is a letter I just wrote to Executive Restoration. Please read if you're considering having someone rip out walls... read more